Who is this Pirate King?

Hi, That's me up above. I'm the Pirate King.
Welcome to my Web Site

My name is Robert Ossian (the last name is pronounced 'Ocean') and I have to admit that I am a little surprised to see you on this page.  The primary purpose of this site has always been simply to spread knowledge of nautical history / Pirate related issues.  This section of the site was really put together as an afterthought, so please excuse the lack of organization...

Un-Official Bio of the Pirate King
The scathing personal bio that the tabloids published about me and my sordid past.  Almost 12% of it is an outright lie!

A Photo Gallery of my past Adventures
SCUBA diving with Sharks, Underwater Archaeology in Egypt, rock climbing, Sea Kayaking, and more...

Timeline of My life
A more or less linear year-by-year breakdown of my life so far.

The Influences that made me who I am Today
How did a normal kid like me grow up to become the Pirate King? Read on, before it's too late...

My Appearance on the History Channel!
In July of 2006 I was interviewed as part of a Documentary made for the the History Channel's documentary "True Caribbean Pirates."
Click on the image to see screenshots, video and more from the documentary!

My old Pirating Crew; The Seahawks!
The Greatest Pirate ship to have (technically) never existed, and my own Pirate Alma Mater.

The History of the Pirates Coves Web Site
Like the web site?  Well, it wasn't always so nice.  When I started this web site back in 1995, it was pretty awful.  Click on the image on the left if you want to learn more of how all this came to be.

Recommended Reading List!
I get a lot of emails asking what books I would recommend to people who are interested in learning more about Pirate History, so I have compiled a list of some of my favorites.

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