Ship & Sailing Information

An ever growing list of everything the aspiring Pirate
 needs to know to hold their own on the high seas

Complete list of all Sailing Vessel Types
A complete list of all sailing ship types, as well as information and images explaining what makes them different.

Explanations on the Rigging of Sailing Ships
An illustrated guide to teach you everything you need to know about the rigging of sailing ships

A Brief History of Wind Powered Ships
Essay discussing several major influences on sailing vessels during the classical age. and their gradual technological evolution

The Pirate King's On-line Sailing Simulator
Practice the principles of sailing without even getting wet with this online Sailing Simulator! Uses Macromedia Shockwave to simulate wind, currents, and more against a small sloop that you control with your computer's arrow keys

Anatomy of an English man of War
An excellent and easy to interpret breakdown of the construction of an English Man of War, originally created by author Stephen Biesty

Jobs Aboard Ship
Explanations of the various jobs, roles, and duties on board a Pirate ship, and about what each one was responsible for

Information on Ancient Shipping
Great essay on shipping in Ancient times
(Cargo, methods, etc)

Trade Routes of the Renaissance
Details on the traditional trade routes used during the Renaissance

Useful Sailing Knots
Illustrated guides on how to tie some of the more useful sailing knots

Modern Sailing Terminology

Sailing Terminology of the 15th Century
A lexicon of 15th Century terminologies I compiled when I was teaching at the XVth Century Sailing School in Corpus Christi.  It contains English & Spanish Translations for ships of that Era.

A Quick & Dirty Seafaring Primer
Need to sound like a hardened seafarer, but don't have the time to spend a life at Sea?  Then click above...

How to Speak Like A Professional Pirate
I have forgotten where I found this, but it's awesome!

  • The Pirate King's On-line Guide To
    Teaching Yourself How to sail!
    (Sorry - Still in Progress...)

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