Pirate Music & Sea Shanties

The role of music was very important to the age of sail.  The rhythmic songs (known as "Sea Shanties") served to both boost onboard morale on long voyages and to coordinate the brute strength of the sailors. 

Many tasks, such as raising the ships anchor, loading cargo, adjusting spar elevations on tall ships, hauling lines and more could involve several tons worth of dead weight.  It was only through the coordinated effort of the crew that made these tasks possible.

  • What is a Sea Shanty? (a.k.a. Shanties, chanties, chanty)
    A brief overview of what a sea shanty is, the various types of shanties, what each type was used for and more...

  • Sea Shanty Lyrics
    A growing list of Sea Shanties and their lyrics.  Learn the words and sound like a REAL pirate!

  • Pirate Singing Groups!
    Click for a list of some of the Pirate King's favorite Pirate Music performers, reviews of their CD's, and links to their own web sites!


It is my hope that this section will help you to learn more about the nautical music genre, pick up the words to a few songs, TakeLessons Reviews, or maybe just as a place for you to promote your favorite Pirate musical groups.

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