How to Dress like a Pirate!

Your guide to What the well-dressed
 rogue will be wearing this season

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Period Clothing & Character Guides
Are you a Historical Reenactor looking to put together an outfit that could have walked straight off the deck of an actual Pirate ship? Then this section will guide you through choosing the fabrics, the clothing styles, character guides, props and everything else you'll need to pull off the perfect character for your show!

Halloween Costumes!
Are you just looking for a great Pirate costume for a party or Halloween? Then this section will give you some unbiased reviews of some of the best "off the rack" options out there!

Pirate Weapons!
There was a lot more to being a Pirate than just knowing how to swing a cutlass!  Check out this illustrated overview to learn about the various tools of the trade for any serious Pirate!

A Quick & Dirty Seafaring Primer
Need to sound like a hardened seafarer, but don't have the time to spend a life at Sea? 
Then click on the image!

How to Speak Like A Professional Pirate
I have forgotten where I found this, but it's a really funny explanation of Pirate terminology.
Check it out!

Pirate Pickup Lines
Dazzle the ladies with your salty wit.
(Note: I said "Wit"!)

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