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Your Guide to the Golden Age of Exploration

The hardest part of any real research is to simply understand the material.  Historical research is filled with arcane terminology, nuances, and endless challenges.  To help with some of these hurdles I have begun compiling some (hopefully) useful pages in this site to help the beginning enthusiast to better understand and research bygone eras.

As with everything on this site, if you find something that you think is wrong or needs correcting, please take a moment to EMAIL ME and let me know so that I can set it right.

Modern Sailing Terminology
A comprehensive reference of modern sailing terms and their meanings

Sailing Terminology of the 15th Century
A lexicon of 15th Century terminologies I compiled when I was teaching at the XVth Century Sailing School in Corpus Christi.  It contains English & Spanish Translations for ships of that Era.

Explanations on the Rigging of Sailing Ships
An illustrated guide to teach you everything you need to know about the rigging of sailing ships

Useful Sailing Knots
Illustrated guides on how to tie some of the more useful sailing knots

Complete list of all Sailing Vessel Types
A complete list of all sailing ship types, as well as information and images explaining what makes them different.

A Quick & Dirty Seafaring Primer
Need to sound like a hardened seafarer, but don't have the time to spend a life at Sea? 
Then click on the image!

How to Speak Like A Professional Pirate
I have forgotten where I found this, but it's an hysterical explanation of Pirate terminology.
Check it out!

Pirate Pickup Lines
Dazzle the ladies with your salty wit.
(Note: I said "Wit"!)

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