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Nautical & Historical
Reference Docs

Your Guide to the golden Age of Exploration

As with everything on this site, if you come across anything that you think is incorrect or needs clarification please take a minute to EMAIL ME and let me know so that I can set it right.

Pirate Weapons!
There was a lot more to being a Pirate than just knowing how to swing a cutlass!  Check out this illustrated overview to learn about the various tools of the trade for any serious Pirate!

Information on Ancient Shipping
Great essay on shipping in Ancient times
(Items, methods, etc)

Trade Routes of the Renaissance
Details on the traditional trade routes used during the Renaissance

History of the war between Pirates and the United States in the early 1800's
Did you know that the United States fought a war with Muslim Pirates off the African coast nearly 200 years ago? Click above to learn more!

Jobs Aboard Ship
Explanations of the various jobs, roles, and duties on board a Pirate ship, and about what each one was responsible for

Explanations on the Rigging of Sailing Ships
An illustrated guide to the many ways in which a ship can be rigged for sail, and how to tell them apart

Common Methods of Torture used by Pirates
Some of the fates that befell those unlucky enough to anger a Pirate

Useful Sailing Knots
Illustrated guides on how to tie some of the more useful sailing knots

Extensive Genealogical background of Christopher Columbus
A very detailed look into the early history of Christopher Columbus

Important Timelines of Historical Development
A detailed timeline of world events I compiled awhile back

Overview of the Spanish Armada
Everything you ever wanted to know but never thought to ask...

Overview of French Spoliation Claims
Info on the claims presented by United States citizens against France, Spain, and Holland for vessels and cargo taken by foreign privateers prior to September 30, 1800

How to Convert Ancient Weight & Measurement Systems to modern day standards
Pretty self explanatory...

Guide to buying your own private Island (Real!)
What to look for when buying your own private Island

Piratical Punishment
Examples of torture methods used by Pirates on their prisoners

A look at Health and Healthcare in the 17th century
A quick primer of how most of Europe treated medical illnesses during the 17th Century.  (Don't get sick!)

What did the Pirates Drink?
A well researched and interesting article discussing the drinks of choice during the Golden Age of Piracy.  Read up...then Drink Up!

Recommended Reading List!
I get a lot of emails asking what books I would recommend to people who are interested in learning more about Pirate History, so I have compiled a list of some of my favorites here...

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