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I really hate having to copyright this site, but Iíve had too much stuff taken off my last site and reposted about a thousand times all over the Web, so Iím afraid I kind of need to make this page just to cover my own behind.  So, hereís the quasi-legal hoohaw:

Any images, data, or concepts contained in any of the pages located within the web site directories of:

Are the sole and exclusive property of Robert Ossian, and no portion of which may be used without his written permission in any way that has not been either licensed or approved of (previous to it's re-use) by Robert Ossian, the creator and maintainer of the above listed Web Sites.

The only exception to this copyright is any document that has been attributed individually on itís own page as belonging to or being cited from some other source or resource and has been reprinted here either by permission from the source or by right of public domain.

Some material on this site has been submitted / donated by visitors. If any biography, graphic, document or file is posted on this site without the consent or wish of that material's author or lawful owner, It will be removed by Robert Ossian as soon as humanly possible, provided that the material's lawful author or owner sends a request to do so and demonstrates at least reasonable proof of ownership of the material.

No infringements or copyright violations were either intended or meant to be implied in either the creation, publishing, contemplation, or otherwise presentation of any materials used in or about this Web Site, in any way whatsoever.

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