The Gals O' Dublin Town

Lyrics from Shanties from the Seven Seas, by Stan Hugill

Naow, 'tis of a famous Yankee ship, to New York we wuz bound,
An' our cap'n bein' an Oirish man belongin' to Dub-a-lin Town,

Hooraw! Hooraw! for the gals o' Dub-a-lin Town,
Hooraw for the bonnie green flag, an' the Harp wi'out th' Crown!

An' when he gazes on that land, that town of high renown,
Oh, it's break away the green burgee and the Harp without the Crown.

'Twas on the seventeenth o' March, we arrived in New York Bay,
Our Capen bein' an Irishman must celebrate the day.

With the Stars an' Stripes 'way high aloft, an' flutterin' all around,
But underneath his monkey-gaff flew the Harp without the Crown.

Now we're bound for 'Frisco, boys, an' things is running' wild,
The officers an' men dead drunk, around the decks they pile.

But by termorrer mornin', boys, we'll work widout a frown,
For on board the saucy Shenandoah flies the Harp without the Crown!

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