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Bacardi Gold

Bacardi Gold

Category: Gold
Country: Puerto Rico
Aged: Unknown
Alcohol: 40% (80 proof)
Availability: Everywhere
Price: $11-$14 (750 mL)
Rating: Two and a half stars

The Review:
The light amber color in the bottle looks promising, but sadly when poured it's a bit thin, tastes a little cheap and is unltimately a little uninviting.

On its own the soft molasses and spice aroma is not bad, but once the sucker hits your lips, it's all downhill. It's harsh - not quite 'mellow and smooth' as the label would have you believe.  Also, the Bacardi Gold has no specific flavors except maybe the standard staples of molasses and wood, overpowered by a general alcohol taste.

The burn carries down your throat where it finds a soft seat in your belly and sets the stage for what I can only imagine would a be a noteworthy hangover. 

Neat and on the rocks, not surprisingly, are horrible and is it quickly becomes evident that this is the kind of rum that is not meant to be consumed by itself.  All of this is actually a little surprising, given Bacardi's reputation and dominence in the Rum markets. 

Despite Bacardi Gold being such a standard in frat house rum and cokes (I know it was a staple of my liquid diet once upon a time), I don't think it even cooperates that well with sodas.  In our own taste testing we tried it with a vairety of sodas (Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Dublin Dr. Pepper, etc) and yet were were still unable to find a successful pairing.

In mixed drinks where it can blend with other spirits, such as Zombies, it's fine. Though overall, even for party drinks, there are better options at around the same price (Example: Flor de Caņa Gold).

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